Pizza Packages

We offer the following packages for your party or event.  Have a special idea of how you would like to incorporate Pizza at your next private event? Reach out today and we can discuss that as well. We are flexibile and can custom the toppings and experience to your liking. Check our menu page for our standard offerings and for inspiration. We do all the work. We setup, bring all Pizza supplies, cook your pizza, clean up and depart. Message us on FacebookInstagram, or email us at today! You can also fill out an inquiry form and we will reach out to discuss your event. 


Our Most Popular Offering – 25-100 guests

We arrive about 1.5 hours before service to prep and warm up the ovens.

We require approximately 15’x15′ area for our tents and tables. We could set up in a yard or driveway.

As the host you will choose 4 varieties of pizza and we would serve them buffet style. Guests can eat as much as they like of any style and we will replace the varieties depending on what is most popular. We can offer more than 4 varieties, reach out to discuss pricing and options. you will be able to choose from our standard menu, but we are always open to discussing new toppings!

Our pies are in the 11-12″ size, and we typically recommend approximately one pie per guest. If you are offering other food at your event, we can alter the amount of pies accordingly. 


Under 20 Guests

Perfect for a more intimate gathering. Rather than a buffet style, we will work with the host to bring dough and a variety of toppings. Your guests will be able to request custom pies based on the toppings offered. 

Each pie will be made to order in 5-10 minutes, and guests can enjoy different combinations, sharing or keeping their favorite for themselves!

This package is a fun event, as guests discuss their favorite toppings and combinations. 


Perfect for Fall Events – Under 50 guests

Looking to celebrate a local team or professional event?

Similar to our Buffet plan, in the spring and fall, we will work with you at your event. Enjoy watching the game with your guests, while we cook and bring fresh pizza to your game viewing area. 


Small or Private Parties – Under 12 guests

We will come to your home and have a small pizza making lesson. We will go over dough basics, toppings, and using popular outdoor ovens. If you already have your own Pizza Oven, we are happy to use yours and give you tips and tricks to making delicious pizza. The perfect package for someone who wants to “talk pizza”, and learn some tips for a delicious craft. 

We can do a private lesson for you, your family, or invite some pizza loving friends over and make a party out of it. You will end the lesson full of pizza, knowledge, and recipes. 


Multiple Options Available

Depending on the size of your party, we can provide a unique experience for your special guest of honor!

We can bring dough and toppings and your attendees can top their own pies (with our guidance), and watch it being made fresh just for them! They will love eating the pizza they created. 

We can also do a simpler buffet menu geared for kids and provide 2-3 types of pies. 


Various Sizes

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the the weather turns colder! We have a perfect pizza package for those who want to host a dinner party. 

Same as our summer parties, we provide all the dough, toppings, and pizza ingredients. You supply the oven!

We will come with professional grade pizza stones to make delicious pizza using your home oven. 

Because home ovens cook at a lower temperature, we can even expand the pizza styles offered. We can do traditional round pies, but you can also choose from various Pan Pizza styles. 

Sicilian, Grandma, Detroit Style Pizza are all available.